Homebrew is ready to add a lively musical touch to your party, celebration, meeting, or wedding with a mix of classic R&B, blues, and dance music. Members of Homebrew are doctors and other professionals by day, but when work is done, the band becomes our therapy.¬†Whether it’s the soaring vocals of Maria and Troy or the sweet sounds of¬† the Terrapin Horns, Homebrew is ready to help you celebrate!

HomeBrew is…

Mark Loveless – Guitar/Bass, Vocal

Gary Oxman – Guitar/Bass

Maria Blum – Lead Vocal

Troy Frison – Lead Vocal

Bruce Goldberg – Harmonica, Percussion

Dave Crow or Dan Lantz – Trumpet

Dick “Diz” Zimmerman – Tenor Sax

Robyn Dunn – Baritone & Alto Sax, Flute

Darren Coffman – Trombone

David Panzer – Drums, Vocal

Dana Redding – Keyboards

Questions? Want more information – Email us at Info@HomeBrewPortland.com